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Series: "fUN"

"FUN" is an ongoing series where I'm exploring what fun is, what it isn't, and how to celebrate and encourage more fun on a daily basis. Join me on this journey and tell me what "fun" means to you and what it looks like. Read more about this series here.

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conceptual bodies of work

Every painting has a story, some are painful, some are sweet, all of them are made to seek beauty and peace. Browse available original paintings which are one of a kind acrylic, oil, 24k gold on canvas. Each work is sealed with UV protection to keep the colors vivid for decades to come. They are also sealed with a varnish that protects against long term decay as well as dust and spills. Explore previous series and collections below. 


In pursuit of metallic elements, 2018

Tap through the slider to see all of the works in this series. These works were made in 2018 for a duo show. The focus of this series was the use of metallic elements with pearl,copper, brass, and gold. Click the painting to shop and get more information. 

The Divide

in memoriam, 2018

Tap through the slider to see all of the works in this series. This series was created in 2018 in memory of 5 lost loved ones, 4 family members and my college roommate. With all sudden, or bizarre deaths, these works are an attempt to bring beauty from pain, and glory in the value they brought to the world. Each work is tied to one of them in my memory. 

Meet Me in the black & white

In pursuit of minimal color, 2017

Tap through the slider to see all of the works in this series. This collection was made in the pursuit of minimal use of color. These pieces use black, white, shades of grey and the use of copper metallic paint in as a way to narrow my palette and explore depth of tone in in each of these elements. 



Don't See the perfect piece?

Don't see the perfect piece for you or your client? Or do you like the vibes of one piece but wish it was in a different color. I'm happy to create a custom commission at your request. Click the button below to learn more about the commission process. 

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