The Artist Business Plan

Over the last several years of coaching other artists and creatives in their careers the same struggles, fears, and unknowns come up again and again. My mission and goal with The Artist Business Plan is to give artists a tool to help themselves launch their art careers. The Artist Business Plan is a customizable 21 page document that has hundreds of questions and prompts on every page to get your creative career where you want it to go. These questions are questions I coach my students with, and help them find the answers to these questions.

Use this template to dig deep into what you make, why you make it, what you need to succeed, and how to find your clients. I’ve used this tool with so many of my coaching students and every single time it gives clarity and a goal oriented roadmap to make art careers thrive. Give your business the respect and thoughtful planning it deserves. Being a studio artist is liberating but it can also be isolating. Many of us were never given the tools in art school to run a business. This guide asks you hundreds of questions and asks you to respect your art career the way you want others to respect it. Download and type in the editable fields, or print off and write by hand. Use It in the way that best suits your needs, if you find yourself getting stuck I’m an email or a coaching session away.

Have a question about the business plan? Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Download The Artist Business Plan

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