While I will never create an exact replica of a piece, I am more than happy to create custom pieces that are of a similar flavor to another piece you like in my collection. Please include details about what you like about a specific piece and include dimensions in your inquiry. Let’s collaborate and make something beautiful!

I have requested Christine several times in the last few years to do paintings for me to use for my personal use
and for my interior design work.  She is very talented.  Her work is so painterly and her color sense is stunningly
developed.  I highly recommend her.

Patricia Altbaum

Interior Designer

As soon as we saw Christine’s art, we knew immediately that we wanted her to create pieces for our home. Unlike some art that demands all the attention In a room, Christine’s work brings a modern splash of colors that tie together and compliment the other elements in a room.

Another aspect of Christine’s work that sets her apart is the speed with which she can produce a finished piece that perfectly meets your specifications. When we commissioned her to paint a 5foot by 5 foot canvas for our dining room, she walked us through color selection, style and composition within the period of an hour and and completed the beautiful peace within two days. As an artist myself, Christine’s excellence and speed were incredibly impressive.

We can’t wait to commission Christine for more pieces in our house.

Yetta Reid

Professional Photographer

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