Synesthetic Bodies Collection

The first collection of 2021 came later than I wanted it to, but nonetheless, I’m so very excited to share this collection with you. Synesthetic Bodies is a deeply intimate collection that builds on two previous collections, Breathing Room and Iridescent Light.

The Synesthetic Bodies Collection celebrates color for color’s sake; light for its dynamic properties, and movement for its inspiring forms – all through the lens of music. These works are a celebration of the basic elements that form our world. The works in this series are mixed media tapestries.

The goal of this series is to give you the closest experience to what it’s like to live with chromesthesia –­ a form of synesthesia – where I see music as moving color, shape and light. I created these works while listening to Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, each tapestry in this series represents a snapshot of a section from the music. My hope is that that you too can see the music with me. Every work in this series is a snapshot from a piece of music ­­– flowing, moving, changing with the sound. Fastened to a 36” acrylic rod and hung with fishing line the art is made to float off the wall and into your space. Instead of stretching the pieces each distinct layer floats above the next and moves independently from the other layers.  Each piece was made to be a living, moving piece of art.

Click the images to see more details and to purchase here on my website. Listen to Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy, see if you can see the colors:

Synesthetic Body #1: 00:1-00:16

Synesthetic Body #2: 00:17-00:30

Synesthetic Body #3: 00:30-1:00

Synesthetic Body #4: 1:00-1:15

Synesthetic Body #5: 1:17-1:31

Synesthetic Body #6: 1:32-1:48

Synesthetic Body #7: 1:49-2:02

Synesthetic Body #8: 2:03-2:19

Synesthetic Body #9: 2:20-2:34

Synesthetic Body #10: 2:35 -2:54

Thank you for taking to the time to enjoy my newest body of work. If you know someone else who would enjoy these works, share this post with them!


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