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The world needs to hear your message and see your art.  We all need an extra boost, a little more detail, and someone to help give us a hand up every now and then. I have certainly been there myself many times. I’ve opened up my schedule for a few one-on-one coaching sessions a week. Don't know who to ask your art questions to? Or maybe you need concrete help laying out a business plan? I’m here to help. Schedule a one-on-one, hour-long consultation. Just the two of us, uninterrupted, implementing the best strategy for your art career tailored to your goals. Topics people have sought coaching for: art school rehab, understanding the art market/where they fall in it, art marketing, ongoing critique, goal setting and accountability.



"Working with Christine was an absolute delight, and was JUST what I needed. Connecting with an established, experienced artist like Christine once a week not only meant my big questions have all been answered, but I've made so much progress because of the accountability.

What I loved so much about working with Christine was how perceptive she was. She could sense that I was saying one thing, but there was something deeper going on beneath the surface. I think that's what a great coach does - asks the right questions to get to the heart of the matter. And that's exactly what Christine does. For me, the most valuable thing about this experience was having an established, experienced artist like Christine there to answer my questions. That, combined with the accountability, was incredibly helpful for me.

Book your session now. You won't regret it!" – Cerries Mooney

“Christine’s coaching session helped me have better insight into how her art business is run. She opened up new business opportunity avenues, which I am now exploring. I’m excited for my next session with her and excited for her to help me grow my passion into my profession!” - Andre Kaut 

“I didn’t even know how much I didn’t know about the art world or how to find my place in the art market till I started coaching with Christine. She has so much knowledge I was blown away. Christine really helped me in ways I didn’t even know I needed helping. Even though my style is completely different from hers and we have different markets. Her coaching completely changed the way I look at my business, my art, and has already brought so many new ideas, and strategies, I plan on continuing coaching with her indefinitely.” - Kate McDonough 

"If you’re thinking about working with Christine, do it! For months I knew I wanted to work with a coach for my art/biz, but I was scared. I doubted myself, did I really need this? Can’t I figure this out on my own? What will I talk about? Etc. When I look back at what I’ve accomplished since hiring Christine for coaching, I really wish I hadn’t waited the months before jumping at the opportunity.

Before working with Christine I was riddled with over analyzing all the things and probably a bit paralyzed in fear. Things like the fear of posting on social media after a two year hiatus, to doubting my work so much that I wasn't sharing it which also prevented me from further painting. I was stuck! I was left watching other artists online do the things I desperately desired for myself. Since working with Christine… I’ve overcome my fears of jumping back into social. I now look forward to engaging on social media almost daily."– Heather Rampolla

"I’ve watched my engagement on social increase which is really fun. I’ve grown my account reach by over 2,371%, gained over 200 new followers in less than one month, even learned how to make reels. I’ve learned how to honor studio time as real work and set boundaries with others to create my work. I’ve re-engaged with my email newsletter subscribers. This task used to take me so much time but now it feels easy. And I’ve receive more responses and replies from the newsletter than in the past.

I’ve released an Art Collection out into the world successfully. And I’m working on the next one. I’ve gained confidence with developing my schedule of tasks as I become a full time artist in a way that feels energizing. I’ve received guidance on what things to outsource that eat my energy so I can focus more time on painting. I now accomplish accomplish all my goals each month whereas before I felt like I wasn’t making much headway. I think some of my favorite things about having Christine as a coach is knowing that she understands my struggles because let's be real sometimes being an artist is lonely. She offers encouragement, accountability, and lots of experience." – Heather Rampolla

"Working with Christine has felt a bit magical with how fast my results have been. The fact that she is willing to open the door and pull back the curtains on what’s worked for her and what hasn’t is like getting secret access to the yellow brick road to success as a full time artist. I’m so very grateful for Christine’s coaching and her willingness to share what it’s like behind the scenes to her great successes.

Christine’s coaching is a perfect combination of expertise in the art creation process and running a successful art business. This winning combination is what I personally needed to be coached. If you’re looking to not only create art, but run an art business I think Christine is a great source." – Heather Rampolla

“Christine answered all my questions so thoroughly – whether discussing art identity, branding, licensing, gallery representation, business planning. Every bit of knowledge from her real life experience was expansive information to show me the possibility of what I’m looking to create in my own art business. I was so thankful to receive so much insight and honest advice from our session.”  — Shayla Manee
“I loved how Christine could see right through me and find out the actual thing that was holding me back. It helped me focus on the tasks that were important for me at this phase of my business and how to move forward with it. Exactly what I was looking for with these coaching sessions!” – Asmita Chopade

    Artist Business Plan

    Don't think you need coaching, but still want to boost your business? Check out the Artist Business Plan. 


    The Artist Business Plan is a customizable 21 page document that has prompts on every page to get your creative career where you want it to go. Packed with 100's of questions this template guides you to dig deep into what you make, why you make it, what you need to succeed, and how to find your clients. I've used this tool with dozens of my coaching students and every single time it gives clarity and a goal oriented roadmap to make art careers thrive. Give your business the boost and thoughtful planning it deserves. Being a studio artist is liberating, but many of us were never given the tools in art school to run a business. This guide asks you hundreds of questions and asks you to respect your art career the way you want others to respect it. Download and type in the editable fields, or print off and write by hand. Use It in the way that best suits your needs, if you find yourself getting stuck I'm an email or a coaching session away.



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