Christine has been painting and drawing several days a week since she was 18 months old. Her mother, an art historian, stressed the importance of art history from a young age. Her journey has taken her from impressionism in childhood, to realism in middle school through college mastering various mediums and finally to abstraction in her adult life and professional career.

Christine Olmstead is an abstract artist whose work has exploded since releasing her first collection in 2015. Her pieces are what she calls “internal landscapes.” Her works are conceptual, abstract, and mixed media. Olmstead focuses on movement, light, color, and sound to convey story and internal moods and energy. It is through a deeply meditative practice, combined with music that she exercises her synesthesia and painting practice. Christine’s paintings are conceptual in nature focusing on healing, seeking peace, restoring painful memories, and infusing light and beauty into the work. She views her works like icons; much in the same way a Christian would hang a portrait of Mary in their home to remind them to pray, Christine's pieces are also icons to remind viewers to breathe, slow down, seek light, create beauty, and practice peacefulness. Christine resides and paints in Northern Virginia and ships her works world-wide.