There Will Be More


“There Will Be More” emerged as an overwhelming sense of calm, peace, and joy overcame me in the midst of the pandemic. All of my work felt like it was for nothing while my shows had been canceled. Despite a season full of disappointments, hopes dashed, and the stress of daily bad news around us getting darker and heavier each day; a calm came over me and I heard clearly, “There Will Be More.”

The largest departure in these works for me is in color palette. These works are a departure in palate from previous collections. The colors of these works are inspired by two things. Foremost it was imperative these works had a calming presence to them.  Because this overwhelming sense of calm and peace came over me during a period that felt particularly black, these works expressed themselves in pastel tones. These pieces are soft, light, and calm. Another element that was important for me to incorporate was a sense of play and pleasure. I firmly believe that no matter the situations we find ourselves in we must commit to practicing play. When things are stressful it is particularly important to deliberately build these play habits into our lives. This dedication to play can be seen in the use of a delightful lilac, she is dancing. It can also be witnessed in iridescent under layers that peek through layers of paint and gold, she is winking at you. There will be more of all the things we crave. There will be more of the things we felt we’ve missed out on. We can hope in them, but more importantly, we can create them.