Christine Olmstead

Hello Friend. Welcome.

While you’re here, I ask that you stop for a second and take a deep breath. Take a second out of your day to just breathe. I believe you came here for a reason and I hope to make your stay enjoyable. Take a second to breathe, slow down, and just enjoy where you are and what you see. Close a few of those tabs. Browse the gallery with a glass of wine. Shop for a gift for a friend at your leisure. Read my awkward stories on the blog with a cup of coffee. Thanks for taking a minute to slow down with me. I hope you’re feeling a little freer right now. As you slow down and breathe try to embrace peace and joy, release your stresses and fears. Take a second to notice where you are, what you see, and try to find some beauty there. As an artist, my goal is to get you to feel something. I hope that when you look at my pieces whether in person or online that you feel peaceful, joyful, and that you can remember all of the beauty around you. Each of my pieces are handcrafted to encourage and uplift you. Thanks for stopping and experiencing my art the way I intended it to be experienced. I hope you enjoy your visit, stay as long as you like.

What’s the Deal with Art Shipping?

Shipping is the worst part of being in the art industry. I’ve shipped some pieces to clients where shipping cost more than the painting itself! WHAAAA?! That’s crazy talk. It is crazy talk, I’m fully aware. I have cried more about shipping than over anything else in...

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My Favorite Social Media Platform!

Pinterest is my favorite social media platform! What?!? You thought it was going to be Instagram didn’t you? Nope! Pinterest is far and away my favorite platform! Here are the reasons why I love it, why you should love it too, and why you and I should become Pinterest...

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Struggling with my “Artist” Identity

All photos by Anna Mayer Photo One of the scariest and most embarrassing things ever is calling myself an "artist." When children are little, most parents don’t dream of their children becoming artists. Most parents would prefer their child become a doctor, lawyer,...

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