“FUN” an Ongoing Series

“FUN” is an ongoing series that began when my marriage counselor practically screamed at me and my husband, “OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS ARE SO SERIOUS, DO YOU GUYS EVER HAVE ANY FUN!?!”

We’ve been bad at fun. This admonition from our therapist really made us take a look at ourselves and ask questions about fun.

What does it mean and look like? What is the difference between fun and enjoyment? Why do adults seem to be good at enjoyment and pleasure – seemingly focused on nervous system relaxation and why are children so good at unbridled fun and play? What’s the difference? Why don’t we prioritize fun and play as we age? How can it look different for different people?

We started being intentional about fun and trying more things, being unafraid of the absurd, or ridiculous – giving frivolity a chance. We sipped wine, played twister on canvas under the light of a disco ball and went where fun led. The colorful splotches at the bottom of a few of these works are colorful toes – the remnants of twister.

“Missionary” #1, 60″x72″

“Missionary” #2, 60″x72″

In my thoughts and experiments these past months we’ve hosted hide-and-go-seek parties, disco dance parties and played twister on canvas in paint that led to other things… I’ve made giant fruit by the foot sculptural candy (will not be released), and started researching brass casting (TBD). The work has felt curious and I still feel as though I’m am just at the beginning of my research on “fun” and incorporating it into more works and series.

“Missionary” #3, 60″x72″ SOLD
“Cowgirl” #1, 60″x72″
“Cowgirl” #2, 60″x72″

These 5 pieces are collaborative works and a part of an ongoing study into fun. They are what you think they are...

We’ve been researching fun, taking time for fun, and practicing fun. We hope you choose fun too and conduct your own research on fun.

Each piece is 60″x72″ mixed media on canvas. For any questions or for a shipping and delivery quote please contact [email protected] 

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