It WIll Only Hurt A Little


Everything hurts. This is my first series of works on paper. Paper reminds me of skin – it’s thin. These works needed to be delicate, just like people. This series references two previous series, “The Divide” (2018) and “Gaslight” (2020). The Divide touched on themes relating to the death of loved ones and tracking our lifelines as we travel through dark and light, love and loss. “Gaslight” was about the pain of conflicting realities, however in this series, our lifelines turned to gold. You have value greater than gold despite the shaky nature of reality.

“____, It Will Only Hurt a Little” is a catalog of the losses we’ve all experienced. How do you keep going when everything is working against you? Do you still have value despite everything pointing to the contrary?

You’re still golden. Your losses don’t dictate your future. Rest in the pain, let it wash over you. Stay with us. Be gentle.