available originals

one of a kind paintings that cannot and will not be replicated

These works are originals and will never be replicated. Originals increase in value over time and are irreplaceable. 

Series: It will only hurt a little

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Replicas of originals

Pick your favorite print or pair a few together for a gallery wall. Choose the size, pick the perfect frame, and hang it on the wall!

  • "I basically went crazy in Christine's print store and furnished my whole dorm room with all CEO homegoods. I have a tapestry, duvet, multiple throw pillows, mugs, wall prints, laptop case. I love the carry all pouches, I use them for pens, makeup, and one as a wallet. I'm basically the most basic fangirl ever." – Nicole B.

  • "I bought leggings in the 'Burning Me Up' print and matching yoga mat. I love wearing my leggings with matching yoga mat when I go to yoga practice. I get so many compliments and feel so coordinated!" – Amanda H.

  • "I have one of Christine's phone cases and love it so much. It's withstood many drops and falls. I get so many compliments on it." – Mary T.



Don't See the perfect piece?

Don't see the perfect piece for you or your client? Or do you like the vibes of one piece but wish it was in a different color. I'm happy to create a custom commission at your request. Click the button below to learn more about the commission process. 

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conceptual bodies of work

Every painting has a story, some are painful, some are sweet, all of them are made to seek beauty and peace. Browse available original paintings which are one of a kind acrylic, oil, 24k gold on canvas. Each work is sealed with UV protection to keep the colors vivid for decades to come. They are also sealed with a varnish that protects against long term decay as well as dust and spills. Explore previous series and collections below.