Spring Flowers in Winter?

I think people have been painting flowers for so long to preserve and add beauty to the world, to save something that is delicate and precious.

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On Client Interactions

I love painting because it’s a form a meditation, of God glorification, and peaceful perfection. As much as I love the act of painting and creating colors and feeling textures the most fulfilling part of my job is client interactions. Here is a recent client interaction that made my heart warm and I thought you might enjoy it too. I …

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When West Elm Started Selling My Art

It’s funny when you think about selling artwork in a major chain; you’d think the moment would be full of celebration, cheers, and excitement! Mine was not. See… I had no idea West Elm has been selling my artwork for the past 6 months. Here is how I found out, and what I learned about contracting with big companies. I received …

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Studio Updates

Here’s a fresh recap of all of the recent goings on at the studio! First update is that I only have five custom commission slots left before Christmas. Meaning that if you were hoping to order a custom commission piece and have it ready and delivered before the holidays, you need to put your order in now and there are only …

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How to Wire a Canvas

Do you have some art that just hasn’t made it to the wall? or are you an artist and have been sending your pieces out to be stretched and wired? Stretching and wiring a canvas are both easy things that can be done from your studio space. This week I will cover wiring. Next week I will cover stretching a …

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Full Time Dream Documentary

Wouldn’t it be nice if you got paid to do what you love? What if you could live out your dream every day, even if it was scary? That’s all that these other entrepreneurs and I are trying to do. Johnny Dubbaneh and Aaron Tucker made this short documentary “Full Time Dream” featuring me and other artisans who are on …

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Made with Love Journal

My time with with the wonderful ladies of Made with Love Journal. These ladies are truly in the encouragement business. When Rachel came over to photograph me painting, just chatting with her was like talking to a friend. These ladies encourage creatives, take breathtaking photos, and engage with those around them in a graceful way. Read about our time together …

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What’s a Medium?

Terminology & Why Mediums Matter I recently met a local artist and asked her, “what medium do you use?” she looked at me blankly then asked, “What is a medium?” Since this conversation, I’ve asked a few of my friends if they know what a medium is, or if they know what mixed media or multimedia, means. A couple of …

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5 Reasons Some Pieces Take Longer Than Others

“Why do some pieces take longer than others?”

That’s a great question, I’m glad you asked. Recently a friend asked me this question and here are the reasons why pieces take longer or shorter. My pieces take anywhere from a week to several months to complete. Here are the main reasons why a piece takes longer or shorter amounts of time.