Vendor List

Photo by Laura Metzler, Event coordination and design by Ida Rose Events, Flowers by Sweet Root Village

Have you ever worked with someone and thought, “Man! they get it!! They’re amazing. I’d do anything to work with them again!” I have had the distinct pleasure of working with so many people like this in the creative industry that I’d like to take a little blog post here to brag on them and share my vendor list as well as a list of creatives that are amazing and encourage and inspire me every day. Here a short list of people who inspire me and can personally attest to their genius.

They are in no particular order and this is not a complete list. There are so many more people that I’ve worked with that are amazing!

Artists and creators:

  1. January Jewelry: stunning handmade jewelry you’ve gotta check out!
  2. Ann Marie Coolick: Amazing colorful textured art!
  3. Jordan Wine: Phenomenal and fun murals, and glittery geometric art!
  4. The White Hearth: Richly textured handmade pottery!
  5. Woven by Willa: Beautiful hand dyed with natural ingredient macrame tapestries!
  6. Zandzdc: Unbelievably yummy middle eastern food.


  1. Anna Meyer Photography: She shoots movement and natural emotion so well!
  2. Anna Wu Photography: She’s a pleasure to spend time with and her lighting skills are amazing!
  3. Yetta Reid Photography: Great at getting the job done in a short amount of time!
  4. Brett Denfeld Photography:  Probably one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet in general but also takes gorgeous photos.
  5. Laura Metzler: She’s so so kind, and her interior photography gives me life!


  1. Ida Rose Events: Over the top stunning events like you won’t believe.
  2. Ede by Jacqueline: She’s a creative visionary and thinks outside the event box!
  3. Sweet Root Village: These ladies know their flowers and they’re the coolest to work with.
  4. Schmutz Watches: Let me tell you, these may be the coolest watches you’ve ever seen.
  5. Ringlet Studio: Hardcore girl boss and amazing business coach!

This is just a short list of the amazing people that came to mind off the top of my head. I’m sure I’ll be updating this list as time goes on, but for the meantime here are some phenomenal vendors you should check out!

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