My Favorite Social Media Platform!

Pinterest is my favorite social media platform! What?!? You thought it was going to be Instagram didn’t you? Nope! Pinterest is far and away my favorite platform! Here are the reasons why I love it, why you should love it too, and why you and I should become Pinterest BFFs!

  1. It’s Pretty

Pinterest is by far one of the prettiest social media channels because it provides you endless content based on what you are looking for. I go to Pinterest as a means of relaxation to browse the pretty and curated feed. Facebook definitely isn’t pretty, Instagram can be pretty but not searchable, and let’s just not talk about how fugly (definition upon request) Twitter is.

  1. It Doesn’t Use Hashtags

People used to use hashtags on Pinterest before Pinterest starting blocking and deliberately hiding those posts. And can I just say, #ImSoFrickinTiredOfHashtags. But seriously, I really really hate that hashtags are the only way to find content on Instagram. I’d much rather search what I’m looking for using the normal English language.

  1. It Doesn’t Feel Like Work

Instagram kind feels like work now that I have to search out the people I follow to see their content (thanks a lot algorithm). With Pinterest, I basically feel like a museum curator that gets to pick and choose what goes into my highly selective boards. I also can pin and re-pin to my heart’s delight and all of the credit goes to the original content creator, unlike Instagram where you could be in violation of copyright infringement if you repost without permission. On Pinterest the original pinner can keep the credit! And I L-O-V-E IT when every content creator gets the credit they are due.

  1. You Can Pin from Anywhere

If you have the Pinit button installed in your browser, you can literally pin any image on the internet. This kind of user-friendly doesn’t happen anywhere else. Pinterest is literally making your life as easy as possible. Speaking of easy as possible….

  1. Buyable Pins are My Jam!

Hello! You can shop directly from Pinterest. No other social media platform currently lets you do this. If you see something you like on the buyable pins section, you can buy it right there. Boom. Done. Instant Gratification.

  1. Image Specific Links

Here’s something I’ve always hated about Instagram. You cannot have a unique link in every image you post. You have to link to it in your profile. This really sucks when you are browsing someone’s Instagram feed and the recipe for “the best cake ever,” was posted two months ago and the link is long gone. In order to find that link, you have to go to their blog and hope and pray that the link is somewhere buried in their blog and that it wasn’t an outside link. The point is that it’s not user-friendly. On Pinterest, every single photo can have its own unique link that never goes away. Say goodbye to link frustration.

  1. It’s Not Date Specific

Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other platform, Pinterest isn’t hung up on time. Meaning if your favorite blogger posted something 3 years ago and you search the right key words, their pins relating to those keywords will be the first to show up. If you search, “Christine Olmstead north gold” on Pinterest my painting “North Gold” will be the first thing that shows up, the most popular pin first, no matter when it was posted or by whom it was posted. All other platforms show posts in chronological order and some of them you can’t even use search terms like these intuitive ones.

  1. Group Boards are the Bomb!

I love collaborating with other people on group boards! It is such a fun thing to do. A group of you can curate a board together and collaborate with people you might never have the chance to work with in real life. It’s a really fun exercise in creativity and collaboration. I host a group board for Artists where we share our work! It is so fun to see what my peers are working on and supporting them by repining. If you’d like to join our art board send me an email with your Pinterest handle and I’ll add you to our board: [email protected]

Those are just 8 small reasons why Pinterest is my favorite social media platform! Do you have another platform that is your favorite? Or do you hate Pinterest? Tell me below. Add me as a friend on Pinterest and I’ll add you back! Invite me to your group board and I’d love to collab with you! Let’s Pin! https://www.pinterest.com/christineolmstead/boards/


  1. I just started using learning about all the benefits of pinterest! I am super excited! Do you use any pinning apps?

    1. Author

      Hey Libby! Thanks for popping by! I’m so glad you’re jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon! It’s so worth it! I currently use Pinwoot to help my schedule! 🙂 Hope that helps!

  2. I like pinterest, but as a video production company, I have trouble with it. I’ve pinned my little life away but I don’t know how to get those pins any attention. Any tips? (we’re https://www.pinterest.com/toyboxpro/ if it helps to see our pins).

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for the thoughtful comment. I’m following you on Pinterest now! I’d suggest making vertical pins from beautiful screen grabs of your videos (vertical pins always perform better) and linking to your video. Or I’d suggest making cinematic pins https://archive.org/details/youtube-f5h1vNhoDig These are pins that move like video and are so dynamic and eye catching! If I had video content I would totally be on that game! Cheers friend!

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