Decorate Your Dorm For Under $50!

Ahh college! back to the grindstone! Another year of new classes, new friends, new room, another set of expensive textbooks! But what if you could decorate your dorm room for less than the cost of one of your textbooks! That really puts this into perspective. Option A. buy that $150 text book so that you can read two sentences on page 48… or…. Option B. borrow the book from a friend and spend $50 on redecorating your dorm room.  Quality of life or textbook. Eanie Meanie….

While you decide over there here are some under $50 dorm room essentials for this fall.

Throw Pillows! These are the answer for your boring dorm blues. Throw a few of these on your bed, or on a chair in your room and add a pop of color, $29.Christine_Olmstead_dorm_Room1


Art Prints! Art prints are a great way to add some color and some of your own flair to those boring and hideous dorm room walls. Browse a wide variety of framed art prints. Framed and easy to hang, $42.


Carry All Clutches! These are perfect as makeup bags, wallets, nick knacks, $15.


Tote Bags! Carry your books and computer around campus and to and from classes in an easy and stylish tote, $20.


Rugs! Cover up that ugly and gross dorm floor with a fresh, fun, clean rug, $28.


Wall Tapestries! You can’t paint those dorm room walls, and heaven knows they’re not getting more attractive add a splash of color and cover up those walls with a tapestry! $43.


Laptop Sleeves! Protect your computer as you bump around campus, keep it safe and damage free! $36.


Throw Blankets! Curl up to study in this fluffly cozy throw blanket. Don’t let your dorm room be cold or inhospitable!  $49.


Get this school year off to the right start! Get your dorm room cozy and in a comfortable position so you can be your best self and do your best studying!

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