That’s right! Some of my paintings are going to be in Marriott hotels! No I’m not doing anything exciting like creating a batch of custom pieces for them, but I am leasing them the rights to a few of my prints. I’m hoping to have photos to show y’all within the next few months but the pieces are still in production and will take a while before any photoshoots happen.

I’m honestly trying to figure out how I feel about my work being in a hotel. Hotel art usually rubs me the wrong way unless it is a super cool hotel. And I don’t know if I’ve ever stayed in a Marriott in my entire life so I really can’t speak to how I feel about being in their hotels. But live and learn? I probably should have actually visited one of their hotels before signing the contract to lease artwork to them. But from what I can tell from their hotels online, I would totally stay at some of them!

If you have opinions about hotel art (which I most certainly do) please feel free to share! Or if you have a link to a favorite hotel I’d love to see it!

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