Merry Christmas 2017!

Christmas 2017 baby!!! Are you bored sitting on Aunt Sheryl’s couch? Let this give you a smile and something to scroll while you wait to chow down on her delicious fruit cake 😉

These holiday photos show a montage of Christmases past as well as this years Christmas pictures. ANNNDDDDD….while she hasn’t officially be introduced on the blog or social media. Joel and I adopted a kitten a few weeks ago from a high kill shelter here in Northern VA. Her name is Olive and she’s brought so much joy to our little home.

Let’s start this Christmas tour, with some of my faves.


Never been a fan of the big guy. You’ll be hard pressed to find a photo of me smiling with Santa.


This was my first Christmas. Yes, I know I could have taken flight with those ears. Yes, I’ve grown into them (I hope… at least noby has made comments in years…).


Matchy Matchy with my Granny, with sass to match too. We still have matching sass, we do not have matching vests anymore.

Those who know me, know it is unwise to wake me when I slumber. Hey, how about instead of gifts you let me sleep. k thanks.


My exact words were, “Look mom, skiing is easy.” Those skis were also about one foot long.


This was the first cat we had, “Frisky.” Don’t let these seemingly docile faces fool you. Frisky and I were mortal enemies until the day he got hit by a car. Good riddance.


I still remember decorating those Christmas cookies. My smug smile tells you that I know what I’m doing.

And because I seem to have no Christmas pictures from toddlerhood on, we shall skip twenty-something years to today’s Christmas pictures!

TADA! here is our Christmas picture this year. This is Olive’s first Christmas. I’ve grown up with cats. Frisky, my enemy, died age 3 by way of car. Fluffy, age 3 months, died of a heart murmur. Ginger and Buster, my little bffs for life. Buster died at 15 years old from cancer. and Ginger died at 17 years old from Cancer as well. I have been catless for several years now and so because I couldn’t contain my excitement, Joel indulged my crazy cat lady and let me do a Christmas shoot with Yetta Reid Photography! I don’t plan on doing this annually (watch me do it next year….) but I thought it was important to at least document baby’s first Christmas. If you’d like to follow Olive’s antics you can follow her @OliveOlmstead

Joel & Christine-8

Joel & Christine-19

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope you got a smile out of this festive post. Now back to that fruitcake…(question for realsies… does anyone actually like fruit cake?) tell me below.


  1. Love this post! You are such a funny lady. I was thinking earlier today when I was looking at your Instagram post of Olive decorating the tree with you that you should begin your story of Olive with real photos. I think it would be so cute.

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