2017 Review of Favorite Works!

It’s important to see where you’ve been in order to think about where you want to go. I’m compiling my 2017 review of my favorite works from this past year as an exercise and to dwell on what I want to make more of and change in the coming year. Here is a review of some of my favorite works from this past year.

Leaf it Alone 24″x30,” sold. This was one of my pieces in this past year. I don’t use green very often, it is a scary color to me. Green can go from gorgeous to puke in just a couple shades. This piece was a branching out and playing with green tones. 

The next piece is called Burning Me Up 30″x40,” available. This piece is the largest in a series of four works. The composition of these is really what speaks to me. These pieces are being saved for an upcoming show, but they are some of the pieces I’m most proud of this year. The depth in these took months to build and there are upwards of 35 layers on each of these.

burning me up

be sure you know

be yourself

Be Free, 36″x48″ sold. This next piece was truly one of my favorites this year. It came from my heart and wasn’t a part of a particular series. it was what I wanted to make and it left just as quickly as it came. I’ll remember this piece forever.


Opening Up 24″x30″ sold. This series was fun and it came quickly. Blue is such an easy color to work with and never disappoints. These pieces are bold and add that pop into a room. These pieces were just fun and had to be included in the 2017 review.

I Can’t Breathe 36″x48″, available. This series was mostly neutral toned as an experiment in high contrast work and minimal color. What I love about this series is how they are all bold but still soft in composition. They catch your eye then keep it with their subtle moves. 

Tell Me the Truth, 24″x30″ available.

This 2017 review is getting longer than I thought, but just a couple more favorites! I just loved these minis from my last release. They have shimmer pigment throughout so there is little a glitter shine throughout these pieces. Essentially these pieces are wearing all the highlighter. I love how they shine!


The last few works I really loved from this year are my Bits and Pieces. These are just fun and add a little bit of sparkle to the room. These pieces I’m making more of and in bigger sizes as we come into 2018. These are just fun. FORDesk1

And so ends my 2017 review! Those were some of my favorite works. Which one was your favorite?  And what would you like to see more of in 2017!? Tell me below in the comments!


  1. Christine,

    I think your pictures are dreamy & allow a person’s imagination to wander. Also love your colors. Where do you exhibit your paintings…besides Marriott hotels? (I live in the tri-state area.)

    Dorothy Ortiz
    PS. I also don’t like the color green.

    1. Author

      Hi Dorothy,

      Thanks so much for the support!

      I exhibit mostly at galleries and shops in Washington D.C. As well as some national retail chains. Thank you so much for your support! 🙂 stay in touch!

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