Under $50 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is May 14, just one month away!

Who knows your own mother better than you do! In the past I always got my mom flowers or jewelry. But over the past few years I’ve been thinking more creatively. I normally spend about $150 on mothers day between flower delivery and a card. Bonus bucks for brunch! All in all mother’s day can wind up costing more than I anticipate each year. This year, I propose we set a budget while still making our mothers feel special! Here are some tips and gift guide ideas for your mother’s day this year!

  1. Make a card instead of buying it!
    • Buy some watercolor paper and a childs watercolor set and paint your own with a watercolor wash and some thoughtful words, your mom will melt.
  2. Shop Framed Prints Starting at $47.00
    • Getting mom a framed print that comes ready to hang means there’s no cleanup when the flowers die, and a print will never die.Christine_Olmstead_Mothers_day
  3. Get Mom a new protective phone case starting at $35christine_olmstead_mothers_day
  4. The perfect carry all pouch for loose change, makeup or nick knacks starts at $15Christine_Olmstead_Mothers_day_pouch
  5. Cute to go mugs (starting at $24) mean your mom can finally throw out all those free travel mugs she got in conference goody bags. I don’t know about your mom, but my mom is a big coffee and tea drinker, always. You can pretty much always find my mom with either a bottle of water, mug of tea, or travel mug in her hand. Christine_Olmstead_Mothers_day_mug

Of course! if none of these particular items suit your mom head over to the shop to see if there is something more your mom’s style!

And of course our mother’s day sale on originals is still going on. Use code: ilovemom at checkout to get %15 off all original paintings! 

Happy Shopping for mother’s day! But most of all I hope you’re able to make your mom feel loved, thought of, and special. If your mother is no longer with you I pray you have peace and joy at the remembrance of your mother.


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