Pieces of Cheer Originals

Pieces of Cheer are Originals that are an extension of the of the Fragments of Reality Pieces I released in November 2017. These pieces are made with with acrylics, graphite, and rose gold. Each piece comes sealed and framed in a glass floater frame with a black rim. Each piece may be hung or stood up with the kickstand included.

These pieces work great in series on the wall, or scattered through a room on a coffee table, night stand, or desk. These pieces add a pop of sparkle and form to a room. I love these loose pieces as they are so cheerful and still elegant. Each piece is sold separately.

These pieces are always a pleasure to create. What I loved about creating these pieces is that each one is made with gold pigmented acrylics, they sparkle as the light shimmers across them. The jagged lines bring an elegant edge to each work guiding the eye across each piece. And the Rose gold leaf on each piece catches the light as it focuses your attention to the focal point.  These pieces symbolize the lightness, simplicity, and raw nature of beauty all around us. For all that is beautiful, is a little raw, a little imperfect, and has a little bit of sparkle.

The 5 pieces in this series are below. Check them out.

Piece of Cheer 1, 8″x10″PiecesOfCheer1_O_Christine_Olmstead


Pieces of Cheer 2, 8″x10″



Pieces of Cheer 3, 8″x10″


Pieces of Cheer 4, 8″x10″


Pieces of Cheer 5, 8″x10″


Do you have a favorite among these 5? Let me know which you like the most below!

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