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Does It Spark Joy: Originals vs. Prints

Raise your hand if you’ve seen Marie Kondo’s Netflix show, “Tidying Up”? Okay, me too. I’ve been going through the process of cleaning out the things that don’t spark joy. I wouldn’t call myself a collector. I’m pretty good at always getting rid of clothing before I bring in new pieces of clothing. However, as I’ve become a homeowner,

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Selling at Anthropologie

Well another bucket list item crossed off, I finally have a product at Anthropology. Okay, okay, it’s probably not as cool as what you are thinking. No, I don’t have prints sold at Anthropologie, (not just yet anyway, but if you know any brand contacts, do let me know!)

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Art Basel

Pink Room created by Sadie Barnette, shown at Untitled Art Fair If you were following along with my Instagram from this past weekend you knew I was in sunny Miami, hitting up as many art shows as possible while still soaking in some sweet sunshine. If you are unfamiliar with Art Basel, essentially it is a huge art fair that …

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How to Support Artists & Small Businesses Without Spending a Penny

Photo by Tori Watson Photography, check her out here! It’s the season for giving and the season for spending. I don’t know about you, but when I do my Christmas shopping and find gifts to give I’m always left feeling bad that I can’t support all the small businesses and charities that my friends own and run. There are so …

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Meet My Intern!

Tovala Olmstead is a 16 year old high school student and has been working for Christine since last summer. Tovala is Christine’s sister-in-law. Tovala is somewhere in between and intern and part time employee. She doesn’t have an end date in mind like a semester long intern, but she only works part time. We are so excited to have Tovala …

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Spruce Up Your Home Before the Holidays!

Nothing says adding holiday sparkle like freshening up the art on your walls. Let’s be real, most people hang art on their walls, and leave it for years, even decades. Nothing dates a room faster than old, outdated decor. This year spice up your living room without breaking the bank. Piece of Cheer 5 Framed Art Print, $72   Shop …

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Complete Inventory of Coalesce

It’s a question I’ve been hearing all month! “When can I see all the piece you made for this show?” Wonder no more! In this post I have a complete inventory of my works from this show. Click the photo or the link to see if the piece is still available! If you have any questions regarding any of these …

“Coalesce” a Duo Show

Last week I shared about our opening reception of my latest show ‘Coalesce’ my duo show with Marta Staudinger. This week I want to give you some more insight into what this show is about and how it came to be.NAKED ROTHKO 6ft. x 4ft” by Marta Staudinger It is my honor to be exhibiting alongside Marta Staudinger. She’s an …

“Coalesce” Middleburg Reception: Recap

I have been looking forward to this show at The Byrne Gallery in Middleburg, VA for months! This show has been a lot of hard work for both Marta Staudinger and myself. The two of us were asked by The Byrne Gallery to create a body of work together for this show. It is rare that a gallery will ask …

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Invitation to Coalesce, My Upcoming Exhibition

I am so excited to invite you to my upcoming show in collaboration with Marta Staudinger. Our show is called “Coalesce”, an exhibition of expressive abstract paintings. Marta and I chose this name because it seemed like we just kept coming together over and over in multiple business capacities over the last year. We keep merging and working together that …