Will You Remember 48″x48″

Will You Remember

This custom piece was made for a friend I’ve known for about 14 years now, named Will. This piece is called “Will You Remember” and is inspired by the colors in his apartment as well as several works from my Divide Collection. Making pieces for old friends is such a sweet experience. Because unlike a regular commission I not only can incorporate their personal color palette and style, I can paint with the colors, mood, and weight of memories past.

This piece was so special to me, to be able to work with an old friend and bring both his vision, my style to life on canvas. This piece is 48″x48″ framed to 50″x50″ It is acrylic, oil, 24k gold, on canvas. Protected with a UV varnish as well as a dust/moisture protecting varnish this piece, has so much rich dimensionality. The contrast between the deep teals and blues, with the burnt umber orange combined with deep black creates a depth and richness unlike many of my previous works.

This piece has 19 layers of rich color washes and blended whites to soften and create cohesion throughout the whole body.

Please enjoy the photos of this piece in its new home in Washington D.C.


My friend, also has amazing light in his apartment and made me exceedingly jealous with how much gorgeous, soft light was bathing the whole room.


You can really see the rich color differentiation in this photo. The soft grey, and blue, the deep rich black and burnt orange and gold leaf. The closer you get to this piece the more details and contrasts emerge.

If you have any questions about this piece in particular don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. Thanks for checking out this piece more up close!


  1. I love that picture. I am a beginner artist. What tool did you use to apply the paint please?

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