The Adoration Podcast

It’s Here! This last fall I got to spend about an hour on the phone with a new friend, Makenzie Hollar because… SHE STARTED A PODCAST! Her podcast is called The Adoration Podcast and is available on Spotify HERE!

The whole premise behind this podcast is Makenzie wants to tell inspirational stories from real people, people who have overcome or started amazing things. Makenzie was so upbeat and easy to talk to, it felt like I was talking to an old friend. Her energy is infectious. You’ll find yourself laughing, crying, taking notes, and so inspired by the many things discussed in this podcast. She just launched the podcast on January 1, but there will be so much more to come with a new podcast released every week. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear inspiring stories, and support a female entrepreneur who is working hard to inspire those around her.

I was absolutely honored that she wanted to ask me about my story about how I became an artist and what my business looks like. I would be honored if you’d take the time to give the podcast a listen and follow her.

But more than my story you’ll hear other stories that are fun and some downright emotional and inspiring. Follow her new podcast, give her Instagram a follow and listen to the inspiring stories she tells! I’m honored to be one of the first episodes she decided to release. Tell me what you liked most from the episode! Did you learn anything new? I want to know!

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