The Colors of Iceland

It has been a whirlwind few weeks since we got back from Iceland. With family weddings, moving my mother across the country, and starting grad school, while trying to maintain painting and working full time, it has been a busy, busy summer. I didn’t want too much time to get behind me though before I share some pictures from Iceland. I don’t normally post pictures from trips but I am of this trip due to the rich colors. In going to iceland I’ve never seen so many beautiful shades of blue and green.

There are so many natural colors within the landscape that I found absolutely breathtaking I had to share them with you. So without further ado, these are some of the colors of Iceland, that I’m incorporating into my new works. I have described what each image is, and the colors I find are beautiful. I think the most striking thing about the colors of iceland are the stark contrast in tones.


The colors I love in this scene are the blue/grey tones in juxtaposition with the golden, taupe, and yellow tones. This image is from geothermal pool’s outside reykjavik.


These blue and grey colors are so soft almost like smoke, I love the soft blend between colors in this geothermal pool.


Look at these glaciers! I love the blue and black juxtaposition. The lines are are so striking, and the colors are breathtaking.

Look at these glaciers! I love the blue and black juxtaposition. The lines are are so striking, and the colors are breathtaking.

The reason the water is so stunning is because they are glacial runoff, such pure, clean water, in addition the green grass is so rich in comparison to the pastel blue water.

This image was taken while swimming through the tectonic plates of North America and Europe at Silfra. Snorkeling between the tectonic plates was such a memorable lifetime experience, but the colors between the plates was unbelievably neon. The blue and green colors were so intense, aside from the green northern lights, I can’t remember ever seeing a neon green like this in nature.

The colors of the Blue Lagoon are mesmerizing. The sharp contrast between the black lava rock, white silica mud, and the hot thermal water make it a delightful treat for the eye. These colors are so soothing, the pastel blue water and creamy grey mud are so soothing in contrast to the black lava.

This black sand beach really highlights the bright green grass that grows over lava sand cliffs and beach.

This image is of a geyser while still before it erupts about every five minutes. The textural crystallization  around the base of the hole are a gradient neon blue, and I think it’s a fabulous naturally occurring color!

This is the scene of a thermal river. Along the bank of this piping hot river is an array of gorgeous green grass in varying shades. What I love about this particular spot is the rocky bank. Deep orange, rust, deep army green, and neon green algae paint this small rock face making it so so beautiful.

To see more pictures from this trip head over to my Instagram and click on the adventures tab, there you will find more Iceland images and video!

While these images are just a fraction of the thousands of photos I took on this trip, they show just a few of some of my favorite colors from this place. Which colors were your favorite? have you been to Iceland, tell me below in the comments of this post. If you liked what you saw and were inspired by it, share it with your friends!

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