Rose Dream: A Custom Commission

Even though the original pink painting is sold, prints of this painting have just made it to the print shop! Shop this painting as a canvas print, framed art print, or one of many other print products made from this print here! This piece will be coming to the print shop soon, so if you just love it too much you’ll be able to get a print of it soon. If you’re looking for an original pink painting though, check out some of the pink pieces still available.  

I don’t share every custom commission I do, but this one was too good to pass up. I absolutely love the dreamy color palette chosen by my client for this custom pink commission piece. Headed to live in the sunny California, this painting has all the dreamy socal vibes. A dusty rose with a slate blue were the two main colors of choices. Inspired by the movements of previous works from my Coalesce collection this piece is 42″x42″ and is double sealed with two varnish coats. One is a UV protection that protects against sun damage and fading colors. The second varnish protects against dust, or liquids from working their way into the fibers of the canvas.

I’m so excited to see this baby in its new home and cannot express enough what a joy it was to work on this piece. Commissioning is really a collaboration between me and a collector. Collectors bring the color palette and general idea of what they are going for, I make it happen. I haven’t done a piece this pink in a long time and it was so much fun to go all in on the pink again! I’m so thankful for collectors who have a clear vision of what they want, and ask for colors and ideas I haven’t worked with in a while! What a treat to make this candy piece! I hope you enjoy this piece. What colors would you have chosen for this piece for you space?

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