Make Beauty, 11″x14″ SOLD OUT


We are all creators. We are all creating things all day long. I’m an artist I create art with the purpose of bringing beauty into people’s lives. You might be a lawyer, creating compromises for people. You might be an engineer, making elegant solutions for places and ways people live and move through the world. Whatever your field, choose to make beauty. And perhaps it is because I’m in a field where I great swathe of human creation I often see the glorification of the dark and the basest of human instincts I ask why? Whenever you’re creating ask yourself why you are doing it. Is this a dark thing, is it gross, does it have to be? Make things that bring beauty and light into people’s lives. Ask yourself, is this going to make people better? Or does it pray on their fears, insecurities, and base instinctive reactions. The meditation, “Make Beauty” is a reminder to me to when I’m creating to make things that add value and beauty to people’s lives. To view all of the works in the Meditation Series, click here. 

There are five, limited edition, ‘Make Beauty’ works for sale. Each piece varies slightly depending on how the gold moves upon application each piece is 8″x10″ framed to 11″x14.” These works are plaster, gold leaf, on 300 pound cold pressed 100% pure cotton fiber paper. Pre-order now for FREE SHIPPING on May 1, 2020 for US domestic orders. Please send an email to [email protected] to inquire about availability. 

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Each piece is a limited edition work. There are only five of each Meditation in existence. Each piece is plaster, 24k gold leaf, on 300 pound cold pressed 100% pure cotton fiber paper. The gold is one of my signature elements and thus it was essential that it had a presence in this series. Gold covers a rectangular portion of the paper serving as the background of the text. As with all of my works, infusing light into every piece and every space is my mission. Due to the dynamic nature of gold these works change dramatically depending on the lighting in the space, but it is always adding light. Catching your eye as you glance across a space and directing your attention to the raised, three-dimensional, plaster text. Each piece may vary slightly depending on the way the gold moves in any particular application.

This series is very personal to me. I practice repetition of certain phrases throughout the day. When I find myself in different situations I meditate on these phrases. Each phrase serves in different capacities, to learn more about what a particular phrase means to me, simply click that piece.

These works are different from my previous works. This was intentional. I spent months playing with these phrases, integrating them into different canvas works in various capacities from spray paint, to continuous line script, to multi-dimensional works that layered text and paint in an abstract work. None of them served the narrow purpose I wanted them to convey. In all previous iterations the meditations got lost, which is the opposite of the intended effect. These meditations are supposed being to catch your attention and remind you to meditate on the words.

These words were too important to get lost in abstract expression. As you explore each meditation I ask that you focus on your breathing. Slow down and breathe deeply. To view all of the works in the Meditation Series, click here.