Brilliant Idea, 6″x6″ SOLD


Brilliant Idea, 6″x6″ is acrylic and rose gold leaf on canvas. This piece was inspired by the warmth, beauty, and cozy feelings of summer. Warm rays of sunshine, warm spots mixed into the greenery. This is what lush warmth looks like. This piece comes sealed for its protection. It is wired and ready to be hung with white trimmed edges.

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The Better Together series came about because all of the themes I was thinking about started with the word B. As silly as it sounds, I usually like to roll with things like that if that is the direction the creativity is flowing.

The Better Together series is two parts. The pieces in the first section are “Be Free, 36”x48”, “Bare Your Soul,12”x12”, “Brace Yourself, 11”x14”, “Back For More, 11”x14”, “Brilliant Idea, 6”x6”, and “Bad Idea, 6”x6” These pieces are similar to most of my other works in terms of composition, movement, and palette. They are soft and warm evoking warm summer sun and golden rays of light.

The second installment of the B series consists of, “Burning Me Up, 30×40”, “B before C, 16”x20”, “Be Sure You Know, 12”x12”, and “Be Yourself, 12”x12.” I focused this segment of the B series on textural exploration and a more liberal composition philosophy. These pieces are rich in color, and texture. For me, these pieces are reminiscent of a Tuscan sunset. Pink skies light up terra cotta colors and golden rays of light enrich the texture.

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