Picking a Palette

I am in the habit of evaluating my palette every few seasons. When I say palette I mean the colors that I am painting with most on a regular basis. It is very easy for artists to get stuck in color ruts or rely on the same colors over and over. While familiarity is good the question I want to always ask with each new work is, “are these colors portraying the feeling and the mood I’m seeking with this piece?”


In my opinion, colors, shadow, and depth communicate mood and feelings more than almost anything else. With each new season, and each new development of a theme, I should ask “are these the colors that represent these ideas?” What colors on my palette are adding to my mood, detracting from it, or merely are stagnant on my palette?


This coming season, I feel that white is a color that portrays the moods I’m seeking. A mood of purity, a mood of thoughtfulness, a mood of openness.


I think choosing paint palette colors extends to the colors in our lives, our clothing, our homes. I think when choosing palettes for our lives cultivating and being thoughtful of the mood altering energy of each color is important.


In 2018 I what this to be a year of deeper intentions. When picking the colors of my works as well as the colors in my life, each color will be selected for its inherent beauty and what it means to me in my life as well as the feelin it evokes.


What color would you say 2018 is for you? And what does that color mean to you? Tell me more below!

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