It’s my Birthday next week. To be honest I’ve kind of been dreading it. Birthdays used to be my absolute favorite. My mom always made them so special when I was a child growing up. But the older I get, the less excited I am.


With each passing birthday I can feel myself getting more contemplative, thinking more about the expectations I have for myself, and feeling anxious about becoming all I want to be in the next year. Birthdays have changed.


This year I’m going to try and focus outward instead of inward. To be more intentional with the outside world and with others instead of on my inner dialogue that tends to take over.


In focusing more outward, I’m hoping to minimize my anxiety about age and become more excited about how others are being served. 2018 is the year of intentionality for me. Being more intentional about relationships and more intentional about trying to bless others. More intentional about who I am and who I’m not.


In the pursuit of focusing outward and being more intentional about blessing others, for my birthday I’m marking all originals 40% off February 2-4 with code “happybirthday” at checkout. May this birthday discount be a blessing and add a little joy to your February.