Elegant & Cozy Home in Lavender

Elegant & Cozy Home in Lavender

It is always such a fun process being included in interior design projects. Creating a custom commission for an interior designer is always a bit more in depth than a regular commission. What is exciting about creating a piece for a designer is they usually have a broader vision for the whole space. Working on this custom piece for Kerra Michele Interiors was so much fun knowing that Kerra has amazing taste and it was exciting to me to see how she would use my artwork in this space. She selected the lavender, black, cream, gold, and peach color palette, I put it together with her size specifications. This commission was curated by Latela Curatorial  and was photographed by Constance Mariena.

When creating this piece Kerra had selected the lavender colors she wanted to convey this elegant cozy space. She liked my works from my Divide Collection and wanted to bring in some of those elements into this custom commission. It was a pleasure applying the some my favorite techniques and movements to this custom piece. After seeing the whole room come together, I’m so impressed with Kerra’s ability to weave color and texture though a space. Her attention to detail is amazing. I made my work without knowing what the rest of the space would look like. She brilliantly wove an array of colors throughout the space. lavender, cream, black, gold, and peach tones weave in and out of the space onto walls, furniture, pieces of art, pillows and rugs. It is so fun to see how the colors I was working with were applied elsewhere with such consistency. Working on this piece was a true delight to see it in all it’s glory in the space that Kerra designed.

Check out the work of Kerra, Latela, and Constance! I hope you like this amazing collaboration. If you were inspired by this interior collaboration share it with your friends! Follow me on Instagram @christineolmstead Pinterest @christineolmstead Facebook @ceolmstead


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