Iridescent Light

Iridescent Light is a mini series of 8 works. These works were inspired by a recent trip to Iceland. The colors in these works feature the amazing shades of blue, black lava, whites, greens, and golds present in the landscape. The iridescent material is representative of the changing magic colors of the Northern Lights.

The works are mixed media. Materials include, acrylic, oil, canvas, silk organza, silver leaf, gold leaf, iridescent paper. I am particularly excited to explore the prismatic dynamism of the iridescent medium as it portrays lustrous, rainbow-like colors. These works are representational pieces full of dynamic light and changing colors. The paintings have two protective sealant coats, one is a UV protection to protect against fading colors and sun damage. The second is a thicker varnish coat that protects against dust or moisture working their way into the fibers of the piece.


Iridescent Light 6, 18″x18″

Iridescent Light 5, 18″x18″


SOLD Iridescent Light 4, 24″x24″

Iridescent Light 3, 24″x24″


Iridescent Light 7, 10″x10″


Iridescent Light 2, 10″x10″

Iridescent Light 8, 12″x12″

Iridescent Light 1, 12″x12″

All of the works from Iridescent Light are available now. To inquire about purchasing any of these works simply respond send an email to [email protected].

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