Deconstruction Series

These pieces are some of my favorite deconstructed works yet. There are 11 works in total, six of them are framed, five of them are unframed so you can choose your own frame. The pieces themselves are 9”x11” and the framed works are 11”x14”. Several of them have already sold, but I wanted to briefly explain the methodology and inspiration behind these works.

I like to think of these pieces as deconstructed paintings. They allow the elements to shine unto themselves. The purpose of these pieces is to pay tribute and attention to the specific mediums involved. The gold pigment in the pink and gold layers sparkle in the sunshine and are thinned acrylics with gold pigmented mixed in. These layers sparkle from every angle, I love the sheer sparkle of these layers.

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The thick layers of white paint are rich and glossy. I love thick goopy paint and these layers do not disappoint. Like sour cream you could lick it right off painting. I go through more white than any other paint, I have to buy almost 4 times as much white than any other color. These thick deep rich strokes are a tribute to the paint I use the most. The goal was to let it shine unto itself, without being diluted with other colors, I wanted to appreciate the stroke for the white stroke itself and all it brings to my art.


The thin graphite lines add a delicate touch, and sense of frailty. I love the jagged pencil strokes because they are imperfect to me they symbolize the frailty of life, the jagged beauty of every day that twists and turns and sometimes goes off the page. It jumps around but the rough beauty holds the rest of the pieces together.


The bits of gold leaf add some sparkle and shine to each piece. The pieces of gold hold the works together and provide focal points. These bits of gold shine unto themselves, as a core feature in all my works. The gold is the good stuff, the parts of life you can’t ignore, the bits that make the other parts worthwhile. These pieces of gold stand alone among the other elements swirling around them, untarnished, unmoved, unapologetic


These pieces are mixed media on paper. The framed works come in framed a glass floater frame and is ready to be hung or stood up with accompanying kickstand. If you would like one of the unframed works to be framed just send me an email and I can easily frame it for you upon request. Thanks for your interest in these works.

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