Pieces of Cheer Prints

They’re all here! All the pieces of cheer have been made into prints of every kind. Regular prints, framed prints, canvas prints, tapestries, and more!

I have received so many requests for these prints and am so excited to give them to you now. These pieces as originals sold out in just a couple of hours. Turning items like these into prints means I can spread the love and everyone can get a piece even if the original is sold. I love getting DMs and emails from people who ordered my prints and them showing it to me in their homes and spaces. I get messages from mothers who buy prints for the nursery of their new baby. I get emails from college students who have decorated their dorm room with a tapestry or duvet cover of mine. I love seeing where they end up, because to me, art is personal. And getting to see where they end up in your lives and to see how much joy they give you, is the biggest blessing I could ever ask for. Here are my 5 new prints available below.

  1. Piece of Cheer 1
  2. Piece of Cheer 2
  3. Piece of Cheer 3
  4. Piece of Cheer 4
  5. Piece of Cheer 5

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