Studio Updates

Here’s a fresh recap of all of the recent goings on at the studio! First update is that I only have five custom commission slots left before Christmas. Meaning that if you were hoping to order a custom commission piece and have it ready and delivered before the holidays, you need to put your order in now and there are only five slots left!


Another studio update! I got an amazing new easel from my husband, which is a real treat because it is large enough to accommodate some of my huge canvases and it has the ability to swivel from completely vertical to completely horizontal in seconds. I’m in love, but it might only be me!

I’ve been participating in a lot of styled shoots lately with my wedding/event backdrops. See my most recent feature on Ruffled Blog! This has been one of my most favorite shoots to date!

I’m still secretly working on my florals, but I’m still not happy with them so you guys will have to wait. I’ve participated in a couple speaking engagements, which is like air in my lungs! I love public speaking it’s like taking a shot of energy! Otherwise you can find me updating my website and shop items. Check out the latest goodies and designs added to the store!

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Otherwise! You can find me in the studio painting away! Drop a message for questions, comments, contact, or collab, or commissions <3 see you soon my little buttercups.



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