Spring Flowers in Winter?

Why are you doing spring florals in winter?

I’ve gotten this question a couple times lately and just thought I’d try and clear the confusion. There are several reasons I’m doing spring florals in the winter.

First I’ve been wanting to expand my collections. I love love love painting abstracts, but I wanted to add impressionistic florals to my portfolio.

Why florals?

Florals are an endless bouquet that never dies, beauty that never fades. If I could infuse a perfume scent into my paintings that never went away, I would.

Florals are a kind of eternal beauty that doesn’t fade. I think that is the reason that people have been painting them for centuries. And isn’t it funny when you go to a museum and see a painting of a flower that is several hundreds of years old. Or those waterlilies of Monet that will last a centuries barring unforeseen circumstances.

I think people have been painting flowers for so long to preserve and add beauty to the world, to save something that is delicate and precious.

If possible, in some small way, I’d like to add to that. Preserving the tradition of finding and celebrating beauty in the ordinary, in the simple, in the small, in the moment, is what I seek to do, and a floral is a perfect example of that.

What is a flower but a simple plant, it has no greater significance on the world, but it lets people feel something real, let’s them remember their earthly humanity, and how all of life has beauty in it. That’s what florals do, and I’m honored that you let me contribute to the tradition of capturing and enjoying the beautiful simplicity of flowers.

These are the two floral pieces currently in my collection, with more to come soon, full complete release of the collection is expected to be at the beginning of March 2017.














Alas Diyes 30″x40″ Mixed Media on Canvas: SOLD           |           Bloom 30″x40″ Acrylic + Gold Leaf on Canvas:


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