On Client Interactions

I love painting because it’s a form a meditation, of God glorification, and peaceful perfection. As much as I love the act of painting and creating colors and feeling textures the most fulfilling part of my job is client interactions. Here is a recent client interaction that made my heart warm and I thought you might enjoy it too.


I sold an original painting to a woman this week who was sweet, thoughtful, and was in a transition in her life. Two of her family members just died within the last month, one last week. I could tell she felt heavy; she had a lot on her mind, and was aware of life’s short breadth. She drove several hours to come look at one of my paintings and she decided on the spot that she wanted it for her living room. I took the painting off of the easel and wrapped it for her. Cut cardboard packaged the corners and two layers of plastic wrap held it together. I wanted to make sure the piece was wrapped around tight to protect it on her drive back home.


As I was packing her piece, I was listening to her stories about her family, about her children, about the family members she’d just lost, about the changing dynamics of her family’s life, about the vacation she was putting hope into. And while my painting and her visit to me had no grand, life-changing impact on either of us, it was glorious to hear a human story. People rarely talk about what is real in their lives, and it was nice.

My friend and client, I pray that you are at peace. I pray my artwork brings beauty and light into your life, as that is always my prayer and my purpose. I hope that you remember that even though life is dark and hurts sometimes, that there will always be beauty and life worth living.


This is the piece she purchased. North Gold 36″x48″ acrylic and gold leaf on canvas. Styling in these photos by Carden Interiors.


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