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  • Olmstead_Remember_Me2

    Remember Me #2, 8″x8″ SOLD

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  • roses1_Christine_Olmstead

    Rose 1, 12″x12″ SOLD

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  • Roses2_Christine_Olmstead

    Rose 2, 12″x12″ SOLD

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  • Roses3_Christine_Olmstead

    Rose 3, 11″x14″ SOLD

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  • Spring_bloom_christine_Olmstead

    Spring Bloom, 36″x48″ SOLD

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  • Christine_Olmstead_StarDust_800.2

    Star Dust 36″x50″ SOLD

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  • TellMetheTruth_Web3

    Tell Me The Truth, 24″x30″ SOLD

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  • ThatThingThatHappened_web

    That Thing That Happened, 11″x14″ SOLD

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  • There will be more heat

    There Will Be More Heat, 18″x18″

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  • there will be more joy

    There Will Be More Joy, 10″x10″

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  • there will be more music

    There Will Be More Music, 12″x12″

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  • there will be more play

    There Will Be More Play, 18″x18″

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