Picking the Perfect Frame

Sometimes we all need a little help making choices. Here are some surefire ways to pick the perfect frame for your piece of art and a guideline for choosing frames.


  1. Does the frame clash with the colors in the painting?

When considering what frame to choose taking into consideration what colors exist in the piece is a good start. Most frames are pretty neutral for the most part because the goal is to make the artwork pop or stand out. Some options are better than others. In the print below, New Beginnings, the white frame on the left allows the painting to pop and doesn’t detract from the piece itself. The orange-toned frame on the right, while in the same color family, is darker and more yellow than the coral/rust tones in the piece. Here, the frame almost stands out more than the painting when the frame should be highlighting the painting.


  1. Does the frame clash with the colors/woods I have in my room?

I can’t tell you this. You’ll just have to take a survey of any framed works you have, the color of your wood floors, any wood coffee tables, or bookshelves you may have in your space can help to determine if the frame with clash with your space. Here again, we have the same frames. On the left, the white frame goes with this space because there is a lot of white present. There are several other frames on the wall that are white. A white frame is a good choice for this space, or maybe even black or a wood with a cool (blue undertones) tone. On the right, we have the pecan frame which clashes with this space because that wood color does not exist anywhere in the room. Not on the base of the sofa and not on any of the other frames.


  1. What is the ultimate look I’m going for?

Are you going for a gallery wall or a stand-alone statement piece? You can choose a frame that will either blend in with its surroundings or pop out on the wall. Both of the options below are good choices based on their surroundings and the complimentary woods in the space. My encouragement when framing is to play with it and to not be afraid of bold moves when choosing a frame.


All pieces depicted can be found HERE! in various size and framing options! Did you learn anything new about framing? Do you already have art but aren’t sure how to frame it? Leave a comment below and we’ll get you sorted!


  1. This is perfect!! I struggling with finding the right frame and always end up taking it back. Thank you for sharing this!

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