2017 Review of Favorite Works!

2017 Review of Favorite Works!

It’s important to see where you’ve been in order to think about where you want to go. I’m compiling my 2017 review of my favorite works from this past year as an exercise and to dwell on what I want to make more of and change in the coming year. Here is a review of some of my favorite works from this past year.

Leaf it Alone 24″x30,” sold. This was one of my pieces in this past year. I don’t use green very often, it is a scary color to me. Green can go from gorgeous to puke in just a couple shades. This piece was a branching out and playing with green tones. 

The next piece is called Burning Me Up 30″x40,” available. This piece is the largest in a series of four works. The composition of these is really what speaks to me. These pieces are being saved for an upcoming show, but they are some of the pieces I’m most proud of this year. The depth in these took months to build and there are upwards of 35 layers on each of these.

burning me up

be sure you know

be yourself

Be Free, 36″x48″ sold. This next piece was truly one of my favorites this year. It came from my heart and wasn’t a part of a particular series. it was what I wanted to make and it left just as quickly as it came. I’ll remember this piece forever.


Opening Up 24″x30″ sold. This series was fun and it came quickly. Blue is such an easy color to work with and never disappoints. These pieces are bold and add that pop into a room. These pieces were just fun and had to be included in the 2017 review.

I Can’t Breathe 36″x48″, available. This series was mostly neutral toned as an experiment in high contrast work and minimal color. What I love about this series is how they are all bold but still soft in composition. They catch your eye then keep it with their subtle moves. 

Tell Me the Truth, 24″x30″ available.

This 2017 review is getting longer than I thought, but just a couple more favorites! I just loved these minis from my last release. They have shimmer pigment throughout so there is little a glitter shine throughout these pieces. Essentially these pieces are wearing all the highlighter. I love how they shine!


The last few works I really loved from this year are my Bits and Pieces. These are just fun and add a little bit of sparkle to the room. These pieces I’m making more of and in bigger sizes as we come into 2018. These are just fun. FORDesk1

And so ends my 2017 review! Those were some of my favorite works. Which one was your favorite?  And what would you like to see more of in 2017!? Tell me below in the comments!

Merry Christmas 2017!

Merry Christmas 2017!

Christmas 2017 baby!!! Are you bored sitting on Aunt Sheryl’s couch? Let this give you a smile and something to scroll while you wait to chow down on her delicious fruit cake 😉

These holiday photos show a montage of Christmases past as well as this years Christmas pictures. ANNNDDDDD….while she hasn’t officially be introduced on the blog or social media. Joel and I adopted a kitten a few weeks ago from a high kill shelter here in Northern VA. Her name is Olive and she’s brought so much joy to our little home.

Let’s start this Christmas tour, with some of my faves.


Never been a fan of the big guy. You’ll be hard pressed to find a photo of me smiling with Santa.


This was my first Christmas. Yes, I know I could have taken flight with those ears. Yes, I’ve grown into them (I hope… at least noby has made comments in years…).


Matchy Matchy with my Granny, with sass to match too. We still have matching sass, we do not have matching vests anymore.

Those who know me, know it is unwise to wake me when I slumber. Hey, how about instead of gifts you let me sleep. k thanks.


My exact words were, “Look mom, skiing is easy.” Those skis were also about one foot long.


This was the first cat we had, “Frisky.” Don’t let these seemingly docile faces fool you. Frisky and I were mortal enemies until the day he got hit by a car. Good riddance.


I still remember decorating those Christmas cookies. My smug smile tells you that I know what I’m doing.

And because I seem to have no Christmas pictures from toddlerhood on, we shall skip twenty-something years to today’s Christmas pictures!

TADA! here is our Christmas picture this year. This is Olive’s first Christmas. I’ve grown up with cats. Frisky, my enemy, died age 3 by way of car. Fluffy, age 3 months, died of a heart murmur. Ginger and Buster, my little bffs for life. Buster died at 15 years old from cancer. and Ginger died at 17 years old from Cancer as well. I have been catless for several years now and so because I couldn’t contain my excitement, Joel indulged my crazy cat lady and let me do a Christmas shoot with Yetta Reid Photography! I don’t plan on doing this annually (watch me do it next year….) but I thought it was important to at least document baby’s first Christmas. If you’d like to follow Olive’s antics you can follow her @OliveOlmstead

Joel & Christine-8

Joel & Christine-19

Merry Christmas to you and yours! I hope you got a smile out of this festive post. Now back to that fruitcake…(question for realsies… does anyone actually like fruit cake?) tell me below.

Madewell Pop-up Show Dec. 16

Madewell Pop-up Show Dec. 16

Don’t have any plans this weekend? (who am I kidding, it’s the holiday season, of course you have plans). But!!!! If you’d like to swing by one more holiday party I’d love to party with you!

My sister-in-law, Talia Olmstead owner and creator of The White Hearth and I are hosting a pop-up show in partnership with Madewell in Reston Town Center this Saturday from 1-3pm.

Stop by to check out Talia’s pottery, my paintings and ornaments, and Madewell’s always gorgeous clothes and accessories.

There will be sips, snacks, pretty things, familiar faces, laughs and a general good time. Bring a friend or two or stop by and make new friends! Talia and I can’t wait to see you there.

The address to the Madewell is 11928 Market Street, Reston, VA 20190

RSVP to the event so we know how much food and drink to have on hand. RSVP to: rsvpreston@madewell.com

See you there! #giftwell

Under $100 Holiday Gift Guide

Under $100 Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season for gift giving! Though the month of December 10% of every sale is going to Lifesong for Orphans, to learn more about my partnership with them this holiday season, learn more here

There are so many people to give gifts to this season, mothers, sisters, friends, roommates, cousins don’t miss out on the opportunity to give back to children in need while crossing items off your Christmas list. Here are items in my shop that are under $100.

    1. Don’t Be Afraid 6″x6″ These mini’s are perfect for a desk or bedside table. They look great as an addition to a gallery wall. $56 each check them out here!
  1. Christmas Ornaments, $27These ornaments are coated in gold pigment paint and the gold leafed. They sparkle in every light and light up the tree. They come gift wrapped, so you can send them directly to a friend! 
  2. Framed Prints Starting at $36
  3. These framed prints come in a variety of framing and sizing options. Pick the piece that you think would be best for your loved one. Check them out here! 


  1. 3. Prints Starting at $22
  2. Afraid to chose a frame? Just get a regular print and let your friend frame it themselves. Check them out here! Print_Christine_Olmstead

4. Journals Starting at $14

Give the gift of stylish journals. These come in your choice of lined or unlined pages. Check out the selection here! 

5. Leggings $31

Have friends who are Yogis? These comfortable, flexible and durable leggings let you do your thing in comfort and flare! Check them out!Christine_Olmstead_Leggings

6.  Phone Cases $39

These phone cases come in a variety of phone brand options, sizes, and levels of durability. Pick the perfect case as a stocking stuffer! See all the cases here! 


The majority of items in the print shop are under $100. Check these items out and cross them off your list! Click here to see them all!

Season of Giving: Life Song for Orphans

Season of Giving: Life Song for Orphans

This year I’m so excited to be donating to a charity I believe in! For the entire month of December, I’m donating 10% of every sale to Life Song for Orphans. Orphans and adoption have always been something that has weighed on my heart. There are so many unwanted, uncared for, and unloved children in the world. And simple things like being fed, having clothes, and a support system in the life of a child can change their lives forever. Here is some more detail about this amazing charity.

The organization provides the following for children:

  • Food, clothing, medical care, and shelter.
  • Children will be shown the love of Christ and ministered to by the gospel.
  • The children will receive an education.
  • They will receive continued love and support into adulthood so they’re not booted out of the system at 18.

What is really amazing about Life Song for Orphans is 100% of the donations go to the children. No administrative costs will be deducted. All administrative costs are paid for by the TMG Foundation and other partners.

10% of every item sold from my shop goes directly to helping, saving, and loving orphans and putting food in their mouths, clothes on their backs, educations for their future, and love in their hearts. I will be making the donation on January 1, 2018 once the month of December has passed so you have every opportunity to donate to children in need.

To find out more about this charity and to donate directly yourself visit their website! https://www.lifesongfororphans.org/


Merry Christmas! Let’s make Christmas better for children in need too.