New Products!

New Products!

It’s been a long time coming and I haven’t had the time to make all of my paintings into products (I’ll get there eventually). But I just wanted to take the time to direct your attention to the place I will be furnishing my entire home with.

To give you an idea of what I mean by new products, here are a few new things you can purchase from my Society6 shop.

New Products:

Christine_Olmstead_Pillows Christine Olmstead phone cases Christine_Olmstead_Mugs
Christine_Olmstead_Laptop_SleevesChristine_Olmstead_Laptop_Skins Christine_Olmstead_GreetingCards
Christine_Olmstead_Clutch Christine_Olmstead_Clocks Christine_Olmstead_Prints2 Christine_Olmstead_prints3 Christine_Olmstead_Prints Christine_Olmstead_Tote_Bag

Christine_Olmstead_Wall_Tapestries Christine_Olmstead_Travel_Mugs Christine_Olmstead_iphone_skins










The full list of items includes:

Full Time Dream Documentary

Full Time Dream Documentary

Wouldn’t it be nice if you got paid to do what you love?

What if you could live out your dream every day, even if it was scary? That’s all that these other entrepreneurs and I are trying to do. Johnny Dubbaneh and Aaron Tucker made this short documentary “Full Time Dream” featuring me and other artisans who are on the path to pursue their dreams as their work. They are D.C. based cinematographers who are also available for hire if you need video work done.

And for my friends who wanted to see it, but weren’t able to make it to the premiere. Here it is! I had a ton of fun meeting a bunch of other dreamers and artists. This documentary and the people inspired by it are a part of this D.C. Arts movement that I hope will only continue to grow. I hope we can build communities where we encourage and support one another. I think this documentary helps us move in that direction. Contact info for others in the video will be listed below. Cheers! and enjoy!

Alicia Collier (
Andrew Geffken (
Christine Olmstead (
Alexandra Tallulah (
Gracie Terzian (
Franklin Thompson (
Yasaman Vojdani (

Created by:
Johnny Dubbaneh & Aaron Tucker

Made with Love Journal

Made with Love Journal

My time with with the wonderful ladies of Made with Love Journal. These ladies are truly in the encouragement business. When Rachel came over to photograph me painting, just chatting with her was like talking to a friend. These ladies encourage creatives, take breathtaking photos, and engage with those around them in a graceful way. Read about our time together on their blog. In the meantime enjoy some of their photos that have me so excited and in love with what they do. All photos were taken by Made with Love Journal! 🙂

Christine Olmstead-14


Christine Olmstead-24

Christine Olmstead-40

Christine Olmstead-32

Christine Olmstead-22

Christine Olmstead-17
Christine Olmstead-3

Christine Olmstead-10

Christine Olmstead-11

Christine Olmstead-13

Christine Olmstead-16