Superfine Art Fair: Recap

In case you weren’t able to stop by Superfine this year, I wanted to give you a brief recap of this amazing event. I was participating in Superfine with seven other artists in a booth curated by Latela Curatorial. Superfine hosts fairs all over the world and I participated in their D.C. fair this year. The show was on from October 30 –  November 3 and hosted the works of dozens of artists.

Participating with Latela was a great experience. Marta Staudinger and Meghan Masius curated the booth and filled it with seven female artists. It was an honor to show alongside these other women. The other artists that participated with me in our booth were; Marta Staudinger, Annie Broderick, Julie Bjarnhoff, Maroulla Morcos, Talia Olmstead, Helen Criales And of course me.

Marta and Meghan did a phenomenal job curating the aesthetic of the booth to be light, airy, peaceful and femme. All of our works tied together with such cohesion, everyone who stopped by the booth remarked that out booth was, “like a breath of fresh air.” Some even described it as “heavenly.”

The party got started with set up on Tuesday, when all of us pitched in to get all of our works hung. The following night was a VIP preview cocktail party in which we got to mix and mingle with collectors. The highlight of the night was when curators and directors at the Hirshhorn Museum stopped by our booth to hear about our works.

The following night was a Halloween party and the upbeat energy just continued through the weekend. We sold several works in our booth and lots of works on paper. If you’re interested in experiencing what the fair was like, simply go to my Instagram and watch the story highlight called “Art Fairs” you’ll find my whole experience of Superfine saved in that highlight.

I still have a few works left from the show, you can view and shop them here. If you have interest in any of these works, don’t hesitate to reach out. Participating in this fair is an experience I won’t forget, and I’m honored to have participated alongside these other phenomenal female artists.

Have questions about the paintings I showed at superfine? Some of them are still available. Shoot me an email! Follow me on Instagram @christineolmstead Pinterest @christineolmstead Facebook @ceolmstead


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