Participate in the EXPERIENCE


I am participating in a month-long residency in France for the month of May. I applied to this residency in 2019 and was accepted to their 2020 program. Due to the pandemic the residency was postponed twice. I'm excited to finally participate in the residency in May of 2022. I want to share this experience with my friends and collectors as best I can while still maintaining the purpose and mission of the residency. I would like to take you on this amazing journey with me, show you behind the scenes, and give you an insight on what being a creative residency can look like. 

Below are FAQs and some options to support and participate in this residency with me!

For more personalized and in-depth content, you can choose some of the options below! Thank you for your support!


Christine will stream live on Instagram from the residency to answer your questions and show you around! The Q&A livestream will take place on Instagram live on May 1, 2022 at noon EST. Seeing you there!

Thank you

Residencies are not free, donate to support Christine on her  creative residency journey! For $10 you'll receive Christine's eternal thanks!


Become a penpal! Christine will send you a personal, handwritten note from the residency.


Join Christine for a one-on-one video chat where Christine will give you a behind the scenes studio tour, showcase her inspiration, and give you sneak peak of the new works.

collectors only

FREE for previous collectors only. Join Christine for a private preview of all upcoming works in the series. Just like a studio visit – see all the works live in a one-on-one video chat with Christine. If you're a previous collector email [email protected] to schedule your private viewing.

Paper Study

Purchasing a study on paper is an affordable way of getting a physical piece of work that previews the final series. Studies are created to create color palettes, find movements, and plan a direction for the series. Studies are works on paper made at the beginning of the creative process.

12"x12" original

Purchasing this 12"x12" painting sight unseen is an exciting game a roulette. Roll the dice and collect a one-of-a-kind original piece from the forthcoming collection.

48"x48" original

Go big or go home. This is a is a full-sized, one-of-a-kind, original work that Christine will paint in France, as a part of her new collection. You will be given a selection of works to choose from the collection. Shipping included.