On-going Coaching

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Four sessions, once a month spanned over 4 months so that you can get some accountability as well as start to see progress with your goals. All sessions with Christine will take place over Google Hangouts. Prior to your sessions, Christine’s team will send you a questionnaire to maximize your time together. In these four sessions we will outline your goals, put together an actionable plan, and provide accountability for reaching your goals. By checking in over the 4 month period we can evaluate what is working, what is not working and focus your attentions even better. We all need a little extra boost, a little more detail, and someone to help give us a leg up every now and then. I have certainly been there myself many times. I’ve opened up my schedule for a few one-on-one coaching sessions a week. Four sessions once a month means you will see tangible changes over time once you start putting in the work. Schedule your monthly, hour-long sessions with Christine. Just the two of us, uninterrupted, implementing the best strategy for your art career tailored to your goals.