Pick Pieces that Bring You Joy

I was out shopping yesterday when I came across several little trinkets and a framed portrait. I wanted to buy them, I didn’t know where to put them. I was thinking about this all day yesterday, I really loved these little pieces, but didn’t feel like I had a place for them. This is something, that I’m sure a lot of us have experienced. When picking pieces that go into your home here are some metrics for deciding what makes the cut, and what doesn’t.


  1. Is it beautiful?

Sometimes utility, space, or budget are more important than beauty. But if you have the option to choose something for your space, you can almost always find something that is both beautiful and within price range. The real question in my opinion is, why wouldn’t you pick something beautiful if given the chance. If the art or décor doesn’t speak to you, if it doesn’t sing, if it doesn’t move you or remind you of something good or important in some way than it’s not work your time, or a place in your home.


  1. Is there space?

When picking art or décor this is a question I often ask. Nothing stressed the body or mind more than a cluttered room or house. And just because there isn’t space right now doesn’t mean you can’t make space. Ask yourself, is this piece of art, or décor better than what I already have some place else? If it is, then consider getting rid of something to make room for the new décor. But adding a new piece of art to an already cluttered space detracts from the art, and stresses your space. Make room for what’s important in your life and in your space.


  1. Does it add to the mood?

What is the general mood or feeling you are trying to cultivate in your space? How do you want others to feel when they are in your space? How do you want to feel when you are in your room? These are important questions that need to be answered. Where we live and where we grow changes and shapes the way we see the world, and how we live and create in our spaces. If you’re trying to cultivate a calm, peaceful mood, consider if the art adds to that or detracts from that mood.


I do not think that we as people think enough about the spaces we spent most of our time in. If it’s your cubicle at work, what are you seeing every day and how do those items affect you? Is your space clean and does it help or impede your tasks? Does it bring you joy and does it lift your mood, or would you say you don’t think your space affects you? If you think you are unmoved by your surroundings then consider changing somethings in your space, little things and see if it doesn’t change your perspective.

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