“How do you get inspiration for all of your pieces?”

A couple of weeks ago I took to Instagram story to ask you all if you had any questions for me, any particular topics you’d like to see addressed on the blog. So I’m going to be addressing them throughout the coming weeks. If you have any other specific questions that arise as a result of this series, feel free to comment on with your question. The first question I’m addressing was from an Instagram user, who asked, “How do you get inspiration for all of your pieces?”

I love this question because it’s one I never think about. Getting into a creative flow state has always been something that has been pretty easy for me. It’s like being on autopilot and the paint just sort of moves through me onto the canvas.

I’m inspired to do a new collection or new series usually based on events going on in my life, struggles I’m dealing with, pains I’m trying to work out, joys I want to share, and beauty I want to spread despite struggles.

All of my works are made with the intention to bring beauty, light, life, and hope into the lives and spaces of my collectors. I want all my works to inspire others to look around and be thankful for the good and beautiful things in their life. I want others to choose to go out and make something beautiful themselves.

Each collection is usually inspired by a mood, an idea, a thought, or an emotion I’m dealing with. I’ll give you teaser for my next series…. it’s darker than almost all of my other collections, but I hope it’s still beautiful and life-giving.

For each individual piece, they just sort of flow out of the emotion I’m putting into it. There’s no solid plan, they just emerge when they are ready, and they are finished when I feel like their emotion has been expressed.

Music, and what I’m listening to also greatly impacts my works. I’m constantly trying to cultivate and peaceful, calming, light space and so the music I listen to tends to be mellow music either classical, indie alternative, jazz or something like that. That is the feeling I cherish, Peace. Peace is an influence in all of my works even though it may not be the main chorus.

Obviously, none of this is the case if I’m working on a custom commission. Those pieces are very specific, intentional pieces based off of a client’s vision. I can always get into a flow state with these pieces too, however I have to remain more alert and constantly asking myself, “does this fit with the vision.” Custom commissions are much less creative in process for me, but they’re a different kind of enjoyable, they’re always a little bit of a challenge and always fun to see my vision and the clients vision become one.

What is your creative process like, and from where do you draw inspiration? Tell me below! I want to know.


  1. Love hearing where an involved artists mindset is during their creative process. Thank you for sharing!

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