Divide Mini Prints

I am very excited to say that all of the divide mini works on paper have made it to the print shop. These pieces were originally 5″x8″ acrylic, rose gold leaf, and graphite on paper. All of the originals have sold, but I have been getting requests for these pieces to come to the print shop. I’m happy to announce that all of the Divide Works on paper are now in the print shop. These works are some of my personal favorites from the Divide Collection because of their raw minimalism and commitment to the narrative of the series. Click here to see all six!

If you never read about the Divide works you can read the full blog post here. Here is a brief synopsis for you. I lost four family members and two good friends in rapid succession over the course of two years. These works are in remembrance of their lives. The rose gold and shimmer are symbolic of the great moments and fond memories of their lives. The dark black is symbolic of the pain and darkness. The thin pencil lines are symbolic of the dividing line that death draws. Death separates us, it divides us, it twists and it turns but it never stays on the page, it never stays with just one person.

These works were meant to bring joy into the down moments, light into the darkness, peace into the pain. They are tokens to remind you of the beauty in lost loved ones. See all of the prints here.

Read the full story behind the divide collection here. 

If these works were meaningful and inspiring to you in anyway, I encourage you to share their message of life with others either on social media or in personal conversations.

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