Breathing Room

I am very excited to introduce, Breathing Room, an ongoing series I intend to expand. The magic of these pieces is that they cross the line between painting and sculpture. Because they are 3D and none of the layers touch. Each individual color you see is created on its own acrylic sheet, when laid over each other they create color blending and a marvelous dimensionality. Thus causing them to change and shift depending on the light and placement in the room. The inspiration for these works comes from one of my New Year’s resolutions. One of my resolutions was to pay closer attention to my breathing, to practice mindfulness and deep breathing daily.

Breathing Room #6 (left) & #5 (right) both 13″x13″

It is this idea that has taken many forms and variations as I work through this concept. In the Breathing Room series, each layer of paint is separated in its frame with the appearance of suspension in air. Each piece is 24k gold, and acrylic paint on acrylic panel. The purpose of this technique is twofold.
Breathing Room #1(top left), #2 (top right), #3 (bottom left), #4 (bottom right), 9″x9″ 

First, to practice mindfulness by drawing attention to the individual layers of paint and gold, freestanding on their own. There is a separation of layers mere millimeters thick that creates a palpable tension. The separation allows us to appreciate each element, each color on its own which have value on their own but also for what they contribute to the whole. This is also a prime example of color theory in action. Where you can actually see two distinct colors not touching or mixing but when their layers overlap you can see how they change to new colors and change the depth and tone of the color above or below.

By separating the colors and giving each color space we are able to appreciate each color and element on its own. It is possible and pleasurable to appreciate color for colors sake and what it can do.

The second reason is a very practical one, to remind you to breathe. Stop and take a second to notice your breath. It’s probably very shallow breaths because that is modus operandi for most human beings. Taking deep breath and oxygenating your body takes thought and intention. Deep breaths have the power to pull you into the moment, force you to slow down, increase blood flow to the brain and body, to change your mood, and decrease anxiety and stress.

My hope is that when you look at these pieces, and catch a glimpse of the air between the layers that it reminds you to stop, remember your value and take a deep breath. The pieces in this upcoming series are tokens, reminders for you to live healthy, mindful days and moments.

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