Just Be Quiet

Since the new year I have felt like January has been one giant to-do list with never ending administrative work. February still feels this way.

I’m in the process of brainstorming, swatching, and figuring out the narrative for my next series. Sometimes collections come easier, sometimes the conception takes longer. I don’t consider this creative block because I’m still creating, I’m still working, but the concept creation is taking longer right now.

I’m coming off of 2018 a year that was packed with two very strong and developed concept collections. The first being The Divide, a series that delved in the deaths of four family members and two close friends all within a year and a half. The second was a series in collaboration with Marta Staudinger called Coalesce, which focused on the merging of each of our skills, techniques, and a shared color palette to create a cohesive yet entirely separate body of work.

That’s a lot of development in a short period of time. I believe my Divide collection is not finished. There are other deaths that have happened recently in my life that I need to unpack, there are other techniques I’d like to enroll into these series.

I have a million ideas and voices in my head telling me what to create next, but I need to cut through the noise, settle, and pick deliberately what is next.

And that’s the plan. Settle, tackle some of my big to-do’s that have been hanging over my head, clean the administrative space, lay groundwork, free up mental space, and once I’ve tackled some of those basic tasks, I know the air will clear and the next series will emerge as it should.

I think that is one reason people experience creative block because there are too many options and too much head clutter. I’m not blocked, I have too much on my to-do list and tons of ideas, it’s just a matter of tackling them one by one and sifting and allowing the best ideas to emerge.

In my quest to clear the mental clutter, I am looking for a virtual assistant to help with some of the administrative work that has been slowing me down. If you know of a great administrative assistant send them my way and email me at [email protected]


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