Complete Inventory of Coalesce

Complete Inventory of Coalesce

It’s a question I’ve been hearing all month! “When can I see all the piece you made for this show?” Wonder no more! In this post I have a complete inventory of my works from this show. Click the photo or the link to see if the piece is still available! If you have any questions regarding any of these pieces, please do not hesitate to email me at

To learn about the inspiration of these pieces read in last weeks blog post, here!

The biggest piece in this collection is 4 ft x 7ft. This piece is acrylic and 24k gold leaf on stretched canvas, this piece was painted on raw canvas. This piece is called “Don’t Stop, but Slow Down” Available. Click here for more details.

The second largest piece is 6’x4′ acrylic and gold leaf on primed canvas. This piece is called “Don’t Stop Seeking the Light” Available. More info is here.Don't_Stop_Seeking_The_Light_web

This next piece is one of my personal favorites from this show. This piece was one that I struggled with, made some big mistakes on, but came out loving it more than I could have anticipated. This piece is 46″x46″ acrylic and gold leaf on raw canvas. This piece is called “Don’t Stop Making Mistakes” Sold. 

This next piece really has to be seen in person. In order to see and appreciate all the metallic gold layers. This piece has such a depth, even though I created I feel like I notice something new each time. This piece is called “Don’t Stop Changing” it is 36″x48″ acrylic and gold leaf on canvas, Available. More info available here.  Don't_Stop_Changing_web

“Don’t Stop Being Gentle” #1 and #2 are a perfect little pair. These two made the perfect pair with their rich orange colors and pearlescent shine. These two cuties were snatch up super quickly at the show. Both of these pieces are 18″x24″ acrylic and 24k gold leaf on canvas. Sold.

The next two pieces are another perfect pair. These pieces sparkle and shine in every light. The gold, pearl, green green and burnt salmon colors mingle together to bring bright and deeply texture pieces. These pieces are called “Don’t Stop Blooming” #1 and #2 of these pieces are 36″x36″ acrylic and 24k gold leaf on canvas, Available now!

The last piece on canvas is light, airy, and soft. This piece is heavenly. This piece is called “Don’t Stop Healing” it is 40″x40″ acrylic and gold leaf on raw canvas.  Available now on my website, HERE!

There are also a large variety of framed prints available at the gallery, even some unframed works on paper. These pieces are a variety of sizes, and a few of them are claimed, but they’re perfect for mixing and matching a gallery wall or a perfect Christmas gift to yourself or a friend. These works are acrylic, ink, and 24k gold on paper. Browse all the works on paper that are still available here!

It is such an honor to share these works with you, if you missed the story behind these works I encourage you to read last week’s blog post here. If you have any questions about any of the works in the post or would like more information or photos please feel free to email me at If you liked what you saw in this post, share it with your friends. Follow me on Instagram @christineolmstead Pinterest @christineolmstead Facebook @ceolmstead

“Coalesce” a Duo Show

“Coalesce” a Duo Show

Last week I shared about our opening reception of my latest show ‘Coalesce’ my duo show with Marta Staudinger. This week I want to give you some more insight into what this show is about and how it came to be.staudinger_olmstead_Coalesce4NAKED ROTHKO 6ft. x 4ft” by Marta Staudinger

It is my honor to be exhibiting alongside Marta Staudinger. She’s an artist, curator, and gallery owner and lectures for the Smithsonians in her spare time. I respect not only her work, and technique, but also her dedication to her business and worth ethic.Don't_Stop_Seeking_The_Light_webDon’t Stop Seeking the Light, 6ftx4ft  by Christine Olmstead

Marta and I got into contact about a year ago when I submitted to an open call at the gallery that she owns, Latela Art Gallery. After submitting to her gallery Marta offered me a solo show, which was a huge shock and just blew me away with gratitude. The show was to be in July 2018. But before my show she and I got the chance to work together on a corporate commission. She and I both created pieces for a corporate space in Tysons Corner. This was our first experience working together. When it came time to hang these large paintings in this corporate space, the person who hung our works was Bill Byrne, co-owner of The Byrne Gallery.DE NUEVO ON CLOUD 9, 58″x46″ by Marta Staudinger

Marta hosted my solo-show at her beautiful gallery, Latela, “The Divide” in the summer of 2018, which Bill and Susan of the Byrne Gallery were kind enough to attend.Dont_Stop_Making_Mistakes_webDon’t Stop Making Mistakes, 48″x48″ Sold, by Christine Olmstead

Bill owns The Byrne Gallery with his sister, Susan, after seeing the work Marta and I did together for the corporate commission and with my show, they generously offered a show to us for October 2018. They really let us have complete creative control, which you don’t often get when working with a gallery. They let us pick our sizes, colors and the way the work would be shown.marta_olmstead_CoalesceON CLOUD 9, 58×46 in, by Marta Staudinger

After Marta and I accepted their invitation to show, we got to work. We went to the gallery, measured walls and picked out the sizes of canvases that each of us would tackle. We then selected our color palette and narrowed down our palette to about 6 colors we wanted to work within. Throughout the creation process we would chat on the phone, share techniques, struggles and joys that we were experiencing while creating these pieces.  Together we created over 75 pieces for this show, including stretched works on canvas and works on paper.Don't_Stop_Changing_webDon’t Stop Changing, 36″x48″, by Christine Olmstead

The end product was better than I even imagined. It is so amazing what happens when two artists have the same parameters and color palette and create two completely different, yet cohesive bodies of work. This was a rare treat as an artist to experience this kind of freedom and collaboration.staudinger_olmstead_6TURQUOISE PEARL FROST, 48″x36″ by Marta Staudinger

We chose the name for the show based on the fact that Marta and I have come together over and over again for different collaborations and business opportunities that having a show together seemed like the most natural next step. Coalesce was a word we had talked about but hadn’t finalized until… I was in Richmond a couple of weeks before the opening of our show and I went to a brewery. The brewery only had like 4 beers on tap and one of them was called “Coalesce” it just seemed serendipitous. We chose the name “Coalesce” on the spot!  This show is about us coming together as artists to create one united body of work. I hope that Marta and I get the chance to exhibit together again!DS_But_Slow_Down_webDon’t Stop but Slow Down, 7ftx4ft, by Christine Olmstead

Thanks for reading about our fun group collaboration/great art experiment. Like and share it with your friends if you liked it or learned something. All pieces are available at The Byrne Gallery, stop by now through november 4.

“Coalesce” Middleburg Reception: Recap

“Coalesce” Middleburg Reception: Recap

I have been looking forward to this show at The Byrne Gallery in Middleburg, VA for months! This show has been a lot of hard work for both Marta Staudinger and myself. The two of us were asked by The Byrne Gallery to create a body of work together for this show. It is rare that a gallery will ask you to do a show, but on top of that, the let us have complete creative control. I can’t even describe to you what kind of generous opportunity this was.

Middleburg_Art_Byrne_GALLERYFrom Left: Bill Byrne, Christine Olmstead, Marta Staudinger, and Susan Byrne

Next week I will share about our creative processes, and what it took to get this show up on the wall, but in the meantime, here’s all the info about what you missed at our reception last weekend.

Last weekend we hosted the opening reception of the show in Middleburg at the Byrne Gallery. If you weren’t there, let me tell you that you seriously missed out. It was an evening to remember. Throughout the course of the evening we saw a few hundred people trickle through. There were the faces of friends and family, collectors old and new, and new faces from the local Middleburg scene.


With champagne in hand the evening was a night of good conversation, lots of laughs and an upbeat atmosphere. The mix of Marta’s paintings and mine in the same space bring such a synergy and a warm glow. I can’t think of a more enjoyable evening spent with some of the loveliest people.

If you missed out on the reception do not worry! You can join is this weekend, October 20 from 2-6pm in Middleburg, at the Byrne Gallery for an artist talk. Pop by whenever and we will be there to show you around. The show will be up till November 4! See these pieces in person before they’re gone.


If you liked this post, please share it with your friends and family! Follow me on Instagram @christineolmstead. Follow Marta, on her website, on Instagram @martastaudinger.To read Marta’s thoughts and experience with this show, read her blog post here!